Evereything you need to know about ALLie

  • What can ALLie be used for?

    • ALLie can be used to monitor your kids and pets, see what is happening in your home in real time when you are thousands of miles away. ALLie will allow you to create and LIVE stream 360-degree video content to YouTube and share it with your friends. You can also use it for business in hospitality, travel, real estate, education, entertainment and many other industries.

    • Most importantly, ALLie allows for a full immersion into wherever the camera is installed and helps you to never miss an important life moment. See the 360 videos and photos on a mobile device or on the VR headsets and be there where you are not!

  • What are the best product attributes of ALLie Camera?

    ALLie Camera advantages include:
    • - LIVE streaming in 360 degrees to YouTube.
    • - Fully immersive 360° x 360° video, which you can also view on VR headsets.
    • - Up to 4K of total resolution.
    • - Dual 8 megapixel sensors. ALLie supports 2048x2048 at 20fps, 360-degree capture and view.
    • - Free companion mobile app.
    • - AWAY Mode that stores video to a cloud for 24, 48, 72 or custom amount of hours.
    • - HOME Mode, which utilizes local Wi-Fi to record in the best possible resolution and stores it on your mobile device.
    • - 360-degree snapshots and photos.
    • - ALLie has a two-way communication feature that allows to interact through the camera remotely.
    • - The camera updates itself remotely with new software features as they become available.
    • - It can work 24/7.

  • How do I record 360-degree videos?

    By pressing Record icon on your streaming screen.

  • How can I view my recordings?

    Go to "My ALLies" screen, press the 3-dot menu and select Gallery icon.

  • Does ALLie record sound or just video?

    It records both sound and video.

  • How long can ALLie work without recharging the batteries?

    ALLie can work 24/7 and plugs into a standard wall power outlet. Alternatively, you can use the battery pack (ALLie Go) which can record up to 2 hours of 360 video.

  • How can I LIVE stream in 360 degrees to YouTube?

    Visit YouTube.com. Go to YouTube account settings, select "View additional features" and make sure that "Live Streaming" is enabled. Once enabled, you can go to the ALLie app and click the Streaming button. For more information, please see our video here.

  • Can I edit 360-degree videos before directly uploading to Facebook or YouTube?

    Not at this moment, but our upcoming updates will allow you to save your 360 videos into an .mp4 format on your phone and edit them.

  • How can I save the 360-degree videos to my computer?

    You have to upload your 360 video to YouTube or Facebook and then download it to your computer (our upcoming updates will let you save .mp4 format to your phone so that you can retrieve it via USB).

  • How do I enable two-way communication?

    Press the megaphone icon in the bottom left of your screen (while watching the stream on HOME mode).

  • Can I use two-way communication on both the Home and the Away settings?

    Not at this time, two-way communication only works in the "HOME" mode.

  • What is the difference between the Home and the Away modes for ALLie?

    The "HOME" mode allows you to live stream and use two-way communication. The "AWAY" mode allows you to be there when you are not, i.e. you can view your ALLie stream from any location.

  • How can I share 360-degree pictures and videos to Facebook and YouTube?

    Once you have recorded your 360 video, access gallery and click the Share icon in the top right corner of the app.

  • Does ALLie have night vision functionality? How do I enable it?

    Some of the cameras might not have the night vision functionality. If your camera supports it, you may change day/night mode by clicking on Settings and selecting "Day/Night", from where you can turn it "On", "Off" or set it to "Auto".

  • Why is my video only appearing in Black and White?

    If your video appears in black and white, it means that your camera has night vision functionality and this functionality is turned on in the Settings. To change the mode, please click on Settings and choose "On", "Off" or "Auto" under "Day/Night" option to set a desirable mode.

  • Why is there a delay when I'm watching the stream with the Away mode enabled?

    It takes time for your 360-degree video to stream to cloud and then play back.

  • Can I change the ALLie Camera mode from Home to Away when I'm away?

    Yes you can.

  • What is the Cloud and how does it work?

    The Cloud is a server that we use to store your 360 footage. You can access your videos and watch the timeline of your recordings.

  • What's the price of the Cloud?

    The price of the Cloud service is $6.95 per month for 24 hours, $9.95 per month for 48 hours, $12.95 per month for 72 hours, or you can select a custom plan.

  • Can I save Cloud recording to my device?

    Yes, you can. While reviewing the cloud you can press the REC on your app and record that special moment.

  • Can I connect my ALLie Camera to an ethernet connection?

    Not at this moment. We are working on this now.

  • Can my ALLie be portable?

    Yes, you need to buy ALLie Go, which will allow you to shoot a 360 video anywhere on the go, even when the camera is not connected to the permanent power outlet.

  • Can I connect multiple ALLie Cameras to stream on YouTube?

    Not at this time. We are working on this now.

  • How does ALLie communicate with my tablet, smartphone?

    It communicates with your mobile device over a Wi-Fi network. However, Bluetooth technology is used to set up the camera.

  • Where can I purchase an ALLie Camera?

    You can purchase your ALLie at www.ALLie.Camera, or from Amazon, B&H Photo and Ritz Camera. More retailers are coming soon!

  • Where is R&D done?

    We have a great team of engineers in Pompano Beach, Florida and we literally work 24/7 to make your ALLie experience perfect.

  • What are IR and IR filter and how do they work on my ALLie?

    Infrared security cameras have the capability to capture video in low light and no light (0 Lux) areas. Infrared cameras (IR) are sometimes referred to as IR cameras or "Night Vision Security Cameras" because of this. Infrared cameras have IR LEDs positioned around the outer edges of the camera lens, and this gives the camera its "Night Vision" capability. ALLie is equipped with these IR sensors and thus can "see" in any conditions.

    Another feature of some of infrared cameras is that some have the capability to switch from Infrared mode which captures in black and white to a non-infrared color mode. This is a great feature when you need a camera to perform in normal conditions and in low and no-light situations. And ALLie can do all this for you.

  • How can I return my product?

    ALLie offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your product, you can return it within 30 days of shipment for a full refund. To initiate a refund and to arrange for the return of the product, please contact us at help@allie.camera, +1 888 325 25 54.